Class Action and Litigation

A class action is a representative action wherein one or more plaintiffs actually named in the complaint, along with their counsel, pursue a case for themselves and the defined class against one or more defendants. The attorneys at Hortman Harlow Bassi & Robinson recognize the importance of mass joinder and/or class action litigation. As a result, our attorneys have become actively involved in this complex area of litigation. In fact, attorneys in our firm have been asked to teach Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars for other attorneys, helping them to understand the best legal strategies for handling these very complex matters.

Our practice areas in the field of class action litigation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accident and insurance claims
  • Defective products: SUVs, cars, trucks, aircraft
  • Birth defects caused by toxic chemicals
  • Cancer caused by toxic chemicals
  • Financial and corporate fraud

Not only do our attorneys provide superior representation for class action plaintiffs, our attorneys offer experienced and innovative representation in the defense of cases utilizing the class action device.

Our attorneys’ class action knowledge allows them to manage the various stages of class action litigation in an efficient and cost effective manner. Further, our attorneys are experienced in effectively utilizing alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation, arbitration, and other private settlement procedures to obtain favorable settlements and/or dismissals of class actions on a class-wide basis.