Corporate, General Business Law and Commercial Litigation

Hortman Harlow has many years of experience in representing corporations and other business entities. The firm is experienced in the formation and maintenance of corporations, limited liability companies, and other forms of business associations. The firm’s attorneys assist clients in preparing the necessary organizational documents, which include the agreements governing the relationships among the owners/shareholders of the business, third party contracts, and other related agreements. The firm’s attorneys routinely provide advice, not only in connection with the start-up of a business, but also regarding operation of the business, including a wide range of issues such as contracts, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, UCC issues, regulatory compliance, mergers or divestitures of existing businesses, and asset sales and purchases.

Hortman Harlow provides advice to business clients in all areas of commercial litigation in state and federal courts throughout the region, including business relationships that may exist with parties in other states. Hortman Harlow handles cases that relate to all areas of business litigation, including breach of contract, specific performance, business fraud, and other general business disputes. The firm represents businesses in administrative proceedings before state and federal regulatory agencies. The firm’s attorneys have significant experience in a wide variety of commercial litigation.