Product Liability

Hortman Harlow Bassi & Robinson has extensive experience in litigation involving product liability and personal injury claims. Firm attorneys represent insurers, manufacturers, and distributors in the defense of product liability claims and personal injury claims. Hortman Harlow offers clients exceptional capabilities and resources in the defense and management of product liability litigation, including handling complex mass tort and toxic tort matters. We have represented clients in a variety of situations in which alleged defective or dangerous products led to a lawsuit.

Our extensive experience allows us to help clients properly evaluate the merits of a case and, if desired, advise them regarding the possibility of settlement. If the case is destined for trial, we have the experience to properly prepare and present the case, including assisting clients in locating and retaining engineers or other expert witnesses.

Product liability and personal injury claims often involve a serious injury or death. Our attorneys are experienced in vigorously and effectively defending serious death and personal injury claims without losing sight of the need to treat opposing parties and witnesses with respect and civility. We never forget that in the courtroom, judges and juries often perceive the demeanor of attorneys as a projection of the values and attitudes of the clients they serve.

Hortman Harlow has also represented clients in the pursuit of product liability and personal injury claims against defendants. These claims are pursued in an efficient, professional manner with consideration of not only clients’ financial needs, but also clients’ needs for prompt resolution to these cases.