Workers’ Compensation

Hortman Harlow represents a number of businesses and companies cohered by the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act. The firm represents these clients in both administrative proceedings before the Commission and in appeals of Commission decisions to the Mississippi Court of Appeals. The firm’s experience in the practice and procedure before the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission is extensive. The practice before the Commission in controverted cases is of an informal nature, but in many respects, hearings are conducted along the general lines of court trials. The firm assists the client in interpreting the rules and regulations of the Commission, and the firm often appears before the Commission to help resolve disputes in the interpretation of the Commission’s rules and regulations.

The firm also represents business clients in evaluating the medical disability of a claimant, the determination of a compensable accident, and in settlement negotiations.

Hortman Harlow has defended workers compensation actions since the inception of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act. Our ability to work with the medical community is instrumental in assisting our clients to match medical providers with the particular needs of each case.